Beyonce Tweets About Relationships After Jay Z-Solange Knowles Fight

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Solange Knowles attacked Jay Z after the MET Gala last week, leading to widespread speculation about the relationship between Beyonce's sister and husband.

While Bey has yet to offer an explanation for what sparked the violent altercation, she did post a cryptic tweet moments after the incident:

So clearly relationships and "good influences" were on Beyonce's mind following the fight. We guess watching your sister punch and kick your husband would put anyone in a reflective mood.

But the question remains: who's side is Mrs. Carter on?

Many have pointed out that Beyonce doesn't immediately get involved in the row, and comes to her husband's aid only after he grabs Solange's foot to prevent her from kicking him. 

Extended footage of the Jay Z-Solange fight obtained by TMZ shows the pop singer launching a second attack on Jay before leaving the elevator, this time hitting him with her purse, spilling its contents all over the floor. 

Check out the full version of the fight of the century below and see if you can figure out whether Queen Bey will continue to put her sister's love on top or if she considers Jay to be irreplaceable.

Be sure to watch for Solange's final blow around the three-minute mark and note how indifferent her big sis seems about the whole ugly episode.

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