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At this week’s Maleficent premiere in Hollywood, Brad Pitt got attacked by an idiotic prankster.

Sadly, according to a number of Maleficent reviews, this may have been the most entertaining thing to happen related to the film.

How could a film that features Angelina Jolie as the real-life version of this famous Disney villain go wrong? We’ll let a number of the country’s most prominent movie critics explain…

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While this is Jolie’s show, obviously – and she’s terrifically arch – the surprising dearth of other compelling characters doesn’t offer much distraction when things get off track. – Tom Russo

Blockbuster effects can’t mask bland storytelling. – Tom Clift


Just about the least interesting take on Sleeping Beauty imaginable. A live action pantomime, robbed of the ultimate pantomime villain. – Joe Cunningham

Almost certainly wouldn’t have been made were it not for Angelina Jolie, whose extraordinarily striking presence recalls the Old Hollywood potency of Garbo. If only the film around Jolie were worthy of her. – Peter Canavese

Disney’s desire to drain as much profit out of their properties as possible arrives in the form of Maleficent, and boy does the struggle show. – Bill Gibron

It becomes abundantly clear that Disney never thought beyond the "let’s make a Maleficent movie" stage because they fail to give the character a clear motivation. – Travis Hopson

In the blood-red lipstick and midnight-black gown and cowl of her Sleeping Beauty antecedent, Jolie’s Maleficent is magnificent. – Steven Rea