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Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis won Dancing With the Stars earlier this week, but the personal nature of the questions they’ve faced on their victory-lap press tour may make the partners wish they’d never taken home the Mirrored Ball.

For example, Maksim and Meryl appeared on The Wendy Williams Show today and Wendy asked the duo point-blank if they were "smushing."

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After pretending they didn’t know what she was talking about (In fairness, Wendy is clinging to Jersey Shore slang from like five years ago), Maks and Meryl both dodged with question, with the latter insisting, "We are not dating…we prefer to keep the private lives private."

That’s certainly not gonna help put the rumors to bed! 

Nor is the fact that when Wendy turned the topic to Maksim’s nude photo shoot for the latest People magazine, he and Meryl anxiously held hands. 


If the rumors are true and Maks and Meryl are, in fact, "smushing," we can only assume that Meryl is a glutton for punishment.

Not only is he rumored to be a brutal taskmaster with his dancing partners, Maksim dated Kate Upton at one point. 

We know Meryl won a gold medal and everything but can anyone really compete with Kate?