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Lindsay Lohan has now sworn under penalty of perjury that she did in fact suffer a miscarriage, as she said on the finale of her OWN series Lindsay.

Lindsay Lohan Miscarriage Confession

Maybe people doubted the Lindsay Lohan miscarriage claim, believing she invented it to win sympathy and explain away some of her erratic behavior.

If it is bull$h!t, she’s doubling down on it and then some.

Lindsay made the declaration in response to the $5 million lawsuit against her clothing line 6126, which she failed to respond to and lost by default.

Lohan got a reprieve from responding to the lawsuit while in rehab, but even after getting out, did not contest it and a judgment was issued against her.

Now she’s looking to undo the damage and using her alleged miscarriage as an excuse, however, listing it as one of many struggles she’s had to overcome.


"I have been overwhelmed since leaving rehab and dealing with my sobriety and a miscarriage," Lohan says in court documents, signed under oath.

She never named the father (though the Lindsay Lohan sex list offered plenty of options), and the bombshell came out of nowhere on the Lindsay finale.

Given that, and her propensity for lying and never taking responsibility for anything in her life, many felt it was just a ploy to garner buzz and/or sympathy.

These are legal documents here, though, not mere reality TV cameras. If she is making it up, she’s doing so under penalty of perjury and could face jail time.

Must mean she’s telling the truth, right? Maybe. Consider …

  1. Pathological liars may believe their own fabrications
  2. She faces jail time 24/7 anyway – not scary for her
  3. How could anyone possibly prove she made it up?

You tell us in the comments and with your votes below:

Lindsay Lohan miscarriage: Real or Fake?