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Justin Bieber is on a mission to have sex with beautiful women and like the heroes of World War II, he’s decided that in order to accomplish his mission … he must invade France.

Bieber is in Cannes at the moment, not because of his well-known love for avant garde film, but because that’s where the ladies are and according to eye witnesses, Justin spent some quality time with one particular lady who’s caught his eye in the past.

Justin and Barbara Palvin were rumored to be dating back in 2012, but that romance fizzled and he reconciled with Selena Gomez shortly thereafter.

These days, however, Bieber is a shirtless, Tupac-rapping American werewolf in Paris and Palvin was sucked in by his animal magnetism at a recent party.

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London’s Daily Mail reports that Barbara was spotted “intimately stroking the singer’s face” during a yacht party.

Justin reportedly placed his hand on the small of the Barbara’s back and pulled her in to whisper something in her ear.

Yup, sounds like a “just friends” situation to us. Besides if you were 20 years old and hanging out with a Victoria’s Secret model, wouldn’t you want to keep it strictly platonic?

Yeah, us either. Justin, for once we’re on the same page!