How I Met Your Dad: NOT Picked Up By CBS

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Looks like the controversial How I Met Your Mother finale is officially the last we'll see of epic-length flashback sitcoms on CBS.

An HIMYM spin-off entitled How I Met Your Dad was set to premiere on the network later this year, but the newly released CBS schedule reveals that the show does not have a spot in the fall line-up.

"Things on the pilot didn't work out," CBS exec Nina Tassler said of the series.

With CBS exercising its right of first refusal, the much-talked about series can now be shopped elsewhere. Given the negative press surrounding the show, however, its odds of being scooped up by another network are slim.

How I Met Your Dad cast Meg Ryan in the narrator role filled by Bob Saget on HIMYM. In the pilot, Greta Gerwig played the lead and the show was to tell the (probably very, very long) story of how she fell in love with her future husband. 

Naturally, there has been speculation as to whether the very mixed reaction to HIMYM's series finale factored into CBS' decision to pass on the spin-off.

While some fans enjoyed the unexpected fashion in which the series concluded, if Twitter is any indication, far more were highly upset by the twist ending.

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