High School Runner Carries Injured Twin Across Track Meet Finish Line

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At the Southern Illinois State Track Meet over the weekend, 13-year old twins Chloe and Claire Gruenke were both running the 800-meter race when the former felt something pop in her leg and fell down.

"I thought oh my goodness what just happened," Claire told KSDK.com. "I went up to her and I said 'Chloe are you okay?' and she was like 'I don't know. Something just pulled in my leg.'"

Did Claire yell for help and finish on her own? Nope.

"I put her on my back, and then I started to jog," Claire explained. "I got really tired, so I walked the rest and the crowd was just blaring in my ears. That gave me energy to at least finish it."

Immediately prior to the finish line, Claire put her sibling down and they crossed simultaneously.

Yes, the sisters finished last. But they really finished first in the eyes of many.

"They didn't win the race, but they won the hearts of everyone in the audience," their coach, Ted Crail, said, according to the Associated Press. "I've been coaching for 20 years. This was the first time I ever had tears in my eyes at one of the meets."

Twins Carries Sister

This is our second cool twins story of the week.

Did you see the shot of those mono mono twins holding hands right after entering the world last Friday? Amazing stuff.

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