Gucci Mane Pleads Guilty to Gun Possession, Likely Gets 39 MONTHS in Jail

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Rapper Gucci Mane just accepted a plea deal on gun possession charges, admitting guilt in exchange for a reduced sentence. That's the good news.

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The bad news? The sentence he'll likely receive will be "reduced" from 10 years to three, and three years in prison is still a long time by any measure.

Gucci pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm by a convicted felon after being arrested last year for having a gun and weed as well as threatening cops.

He'll get credit for time served since the arrest.

Mane will officially be sentenced in July, at which point he'll have spent 10 months locked up out of 39. Of the remaining 29, he could be paroled early.

Might not end up being too bad in the end but there's also the $250,000 fine, legal fees, and the fact that he's in jail and not out there making money, so ...

Don't pack heat illegally, people.

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