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After an opening weekend that can only be described as monstrously successful, it comes as no surprise that Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures are already planning a second installment in their rebooted Godzilla franchise.  

Godzilla Review: Worth Your Time?

Godzilla‘s box office for its first weekend in theaters surpassed industry forecasts by nearly $20 million, with the film pulling in a cool $93 mill domestically.

Mostly positive reviews for Godzilla helped the film stomp competitors and pull in $9.3 million on Thursday night alone. Not too shabby for a film based on a character that first hit theaters in 1955.

All that has been confirmed by producers thus far is that sequel talks are definitely underway. No word yet on what Godzilla 2 may feature in terms of plot, and Gareth Edwards has yet to sign on for the sequel, though he is expected to return as director. 


Though the very earliest the film would hit theaters would likely be in the summer of 2016, Internet chatter about what villains the giant dino might face the second time around has already begun, and mutant insect Mothra seems to be emerging as the early fan favorite.

Since the first film has been in theaters for less than a week, we won’t be receiving any confirmed details about Godzilla 2 for quite some time, but if the buzz surrounding Star Wars: Episode VII is any indication, the fact that a sequel is more than a year away won’t stop obsessive fans from guessing what the filmmakers have up their sleeves.