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Model actress Erin Wasson has sparked controversy – and concerns for health after posting a photo on her Instagram that shows major skin and bones.

The latter being the operative word.

The Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter actress’ picture was captioned “Live a little.” Perhaps by “live” she meant “eat” … take a look at the eye-popping snap:

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The Erin Wasson photo has received almost 5,000 likes from fans, but also a number of shocked comments from people worried for the model’s well-being.

“She’s a skeleton” one shocked viewer commented, while another urged the 32-year-old Vogue cover model to “eat a little.” Others still were even less polite.

Wasson hasn’t responded to the current firestorm, but she has spoken out in the past about being bullied for being too thin. She told Sydney’s Daily Telegraph:


I remember I was tormented for being flat-chested and really skinny. I think, more than anything at this point, my responsibility is to stay strong – mind, body and soul.”

“I’ve always been an athletic person. I’ve been blessed with good genes from my mum and dad and I’m going to ride that genetic wave for as long as I can.”

Interesting take on the situation. Think she’s just naturally thin, or is she going to unnecessary measures to maintain her model figure? You decide …