Chris Brown Turns 25 Today

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Chris Brown turns 25 years young on this delightful Cinco de Mayo.

We'd buy the guy a margarita (or an O'Douls or Miller Sharps given his obvious anger issues and substance abuse problems), but, well, dude is in jail.

He's lucky to get three square meals of any kind down in solitary.

It's been quite a year for Breezy. Even more than most years.

A year ago, it appeared that he was clean as a whistle - at least by his standards - but then came a fight outside a D.C. nightclub that landed him in jail.

Actually, it landed him in rehab, until he got kicked out. Twice.

Chris is presently rotting in a cell and/or flying across the country on Con Air as he awaits trial for assault and violating probation (for beating Rihanna).

That's a lot to think about on your birthday, for sure.

The good news for Chris? Mark Geragos is a legal wizard and Karrueche Tran (below) has been sticking by him, so there might be hope for him yet.

That's relatively little consolation, we're sure, when your fellow inmates harass you for sucking at rap and wailing on a girl's face, but hope nonetheless.

Hope they put a candle in your stale bread, CB.

In less controversial news, it's also the aforementioned Mexican celebration, and Adele's birthday on this first Monday of the month. Yeah May 5!

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