Chris Brown Trial Delayed Until June; Con Air Now Boarding Back to L.A.!

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Chris Brown's trial was pushed back until June, and having been denied release from jail in the meantime, the singer faces two more trips on Con Air.

Brown, who jailed after getting kicked out of rehab last month, was flown to D.C. from L.A. to stand trial for allegedly assaulting Parker Adams last year.

The cross-country trip involved the government stopping to pick up other inmates in various correctional facilities along the way and took days to complete.

Once he got to the east coast, the caged animal who hates jail was promptly thrown into the general population in a Virginia jail as he awaited trial in his case.

The trial was supposed to start Wednesday after Chris' bodyguard was convicted on a similar assault charge, but it was just postponed until June.

Brown asked the judge in the Rihanna beating case, who has jailed him for violating probation, to release him for the next two months before the trial.

Not gonna happen.

The judge shut Brown down hard in that respect.

Chris is not getting out, and will soon be flown back to L.A., where he'll remain in jail until June at best, locked up and being harassed by other inmates.

Who knows how long the return Con Air flight will take, or how long the return return trip back to D.C. will take, but he's already feeling "broken" by jail.

This won't help.

Nor will the high stakes he has to sit around thinking about when he's not reading dog-eared paperbacks and making his one phone call a day to Karrueche Tran.

The judge in the Rihanna case could declare him to be in violation of his probation and sentence Brown to four years in PRISON if he's convicted in D.C.

Stay tuned.


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