Bryan Singer Accused of Sexually Assaulting British Teen

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Director Bryan Singer has already been accused of sexual assault by Michael Egan, a former child actor who alleges that Singer inappropriately touched him while he was still a teen. 

Now, a second accuser has come forward with shocking charges targeted at Singer and Broadway producer Gary Goddard. 

A lawsuit that will reportedly be filed today by Egan's attorney, Jeff Herman, details allegations that Goddard contacted a then-14-year-old boy (the accuser has chosen to remain anonymous) via social media and offered him help with his acting career through such celebrity contacts as Bryan Singer.

Things became increasingly inappropriate from there, culminating in a night in which Singer and Goddard allegedly met up with the boy in London and offered him drugs, after which Singer started "grabbing John Doe in a sexual manner."

Goddard was previously accused by Michael Egan in a suit that alleges that Singer, Goddard and another mogul named Garth Ancier are responsible for an underground Hollywood sex ring designed to prey on teenage boys.

All three men have issued statements denying the charges against them.

Singer has yet to respond to this second round of charges against him, but is expected to make a statement as early as this afternoon.  

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