Ben Affleck: Gambling Every Day on Batman vs. Superman Set!

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After allegedly getting busted counting cards, Ben Affleck was banned from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas recently.

While that may sound pretty minor as far as celebrity scandals go, gambling and heavy boozing have always gone hand-in-hand for Affleck and reports that he'd been booted from the casino raised concerns that Affleck had relapsed

Currently, Affleck is in Detroit to begin filming on the highly-anticipated Batman vs. Superman and it seems that with his wife and kids back in LA, Ben is back to his old card shark ways.

Sources say Affleck has been rolling solo to area casinos during breaks in filming. One witness says ben has "been playing blackjack in the high roller room, all by himself at the the table," The source adds that the actor and Oscar winner finds time to hit the tables "every day."

And as you might expect, Bat-Ben goes full Bruce Wayne when it's time to ante up:

"He only uses $500, $1000 and $5000 chips," says one on-looker. 

As you might expect, with that kind of cash involved and Ben's history of sneaky Rain Man-style cheating techniques, the casinos keep a close eye on Affleck:

One insider adds that "there's a security guard who stands behind him at all times."

Apparently this security guard hasn't seen Affleck as Batman. You can't mess with molded rubber biceps like that:


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