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Barbara Palvin and Justin Bieber got close in Cannes last week, but the model assured Beliebers today that they have nothing to worry about: she and the Biebs are just friends.

Barbara Palvin and Justin Bieber: Hooking Up?

"Hey everyone. Please calm down. He is all yours!!" Palvin tweeted recently. "Please. Last time I’ll say it. There is nothing going on w him. I met him and did a pic. Wouldn’t u do the same? #friendship"

Some Bieber fans might have a hard time buying Palvin’s explanation as Cannes wasn’t the first time the 20-year-old model was romantically linked to Justin.

According to several reports Palvin and Bieber dated for a brief period in late 2012, while the singer was still carrying on an on-again, off-again relationship with Selena Gomez.


Both parties denied that they were involved in a relationship at that time too.

Given Bieber’s mission to have sex with beautiful women, we find it difficult to believe he would spend so much time with Barbara without adding a notch to his bedpost. 

Could it be that Bieber is striking out? We’re sure there are millions of willing women in the world, but perhaps Justin simply wants what he can’t have. 

JB doesn’t seem like the type to accept "just friends" as an answer.