X-Rated Easter Bunny Video Creates Controversy: Watch Now!

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Given that eggs, rabbits and basically every symbol we associate with Easter is meant to represent fertility, it was only a matter of time before someone mashed-up the Easter Bunny and sex.

It makes perfect sense, we just didn't expect it to look like this:

That's a clip from Fox's late night animated show ADHD and man are people pissed about it.

If you're not in a position to watch the very NSFW clip, it's a music video that's been dubbed "X-Rated Easter Bunny," and it repeatedly puns on the phrase "The Easter Bunny's coming."

Other choice lyrics include: "The Easter Bunny f*cks without protection, in 9 months you're gonna need a bunny C-section."

Needless to say, the always uptight Parents Television Council is less than pleased with the song:

A statement from the watchdog group reads: "The animated Easter Bunny clip features over a dozen unbleeped 'f-words;' depictions of fornicating rabbits...and a depiction of a male character eating rabbit feces...It's easily X-rated material that directly targets and appeals to children."

We're not sure about the "targets children" part (the show airs at 11 pm), but the rest is true, and as funny as the video is, the truly hilarious thing about all of this is that this PTC dude's work day involved writing a statement about someone eating rabbit crap.

The PTC has criticized Fox numerous times in the past and has been especially critical of animated shows ... they likely don't watch Family Guy online.

Apparently the Council folks didn't get to the end of the video, as the clip closes with a disembodied voice asking, "Man, what the f*ck was that?" Followed by the angry reply: "Shut up, Jesus."

Seems like the kind of thing they'd have a problem with. 

What do you think: is "X-Rated Easter Bunny" offensive?

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