Valeria Lukyanova Without Makeup: Human Barbie Looking a Little Less Plastic!

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Self-proclaimed Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova was recently put down by Human Ken, Justin Jedlica, who said there's nothing special about her.

Without makeup, he insists, she's plain Jane. Justin Jedlica, he proudly notes, actually underwent tons of surgery to become a perfect specimen.

Well, that's just bizarre by any measure. In any case, Valeria Lukyanova has now posted the unthinkable - a makeup-free selfie - for her legion of fans.

Would you hit it? You might actually have to think about that now.

The irony of this image? Most pictures of celebrities without makeup are meant to show us that stars are just like us, and that flaws are fabulous.

In the case of Valeria Lukyanova, it's an apparent attempt to prove that even without makeup, she's more Human Barbie-like than anyone else alive.

Clearly, she's had a lot of work done over the years to resemble everyone's favorite plastic girl-doll, or at least Valeria's definition of idealized beauty.

An ideal that does not include race-mixing, according to HB.

Her extremely small waist, her wide eyes, her hilariously voluptuous curves that put make even Kim Kardashian to shame ... it's a lot to take in, visually.

Whatever her point is, she looks better without makeup on.

Nothing this woman could ever do would really "tone it down" in terms of resembling your average person (see gallery above for all the evidence you need).

But it's a step in the right direction. No doubt about that.

Of course, to Human Barbie, "without makeup" takes on new meaning. It's all relative. There's still plenty of makeup there, just not circus clown quantities.

It gives you a rare glimpse of Valeria Lukyanova, though, not just Human Barbie. This, more than any other picture of her, makes her look human.

At least partially so. There are hints of it, albeit barely.

Her appearance is shocking to behold, by any measure, but a lot less so than when she really cakes it on (which Jedlica says she does, accurately).

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