True Blood: 7 Sexiest, Bloodiest Moments From the First 6 Seasons

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Last night's Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere got us thinking about the only other show on television that can compete with GOT in terms of the amount of lust and carnage it can pack into one episode.

You guessed it - Real Time With Bill Maher.

Just kidding, we're talking about True Blood, of course!

Season 7 of the hit HBO vampire soap opera doesn't premiere until June, but its never too early to start boning up (tee-hee) on all the sex, violence and shocking twists that have made the series such an enduring guilty pleasure. 

Even the most devoted fans of the series probably have a hard time keeping track of every coupling and killing. Remember the outdoor orgy orchestrated by Maryann Forrester in season 2? How about Bill and Lorena's um... head-turning hook-up from the third season?

Or, for that matter, how about any scene involving resident sex fiend Jason Stackhouse? 

The show combines gore and softcore porn in a way that no show ever has before. Check out the gallery above for a bloody, sweaty trip down Bon Temps memory lane. But don't say we didn't warn you about that Bill and Lorena scene. Years later, that's still the stuff of nightmares.

If we've whetted your appetite for vampire sexy time, you can watch True Blood online over at TV Fanatic.

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