The Voice Top 12 Recap: Who Can Stop Sisaundra?

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The coaches' role on The Voice has ended (beyond their smiling faces and witty banter, of course). It's all in America's hands (and phones) from now on.

When the top 12 took the stage on The Voice last night for America's votes, we didn't know quite what to expect, but there were some clear favorites.

Scroll through all the performances from Season 6's first live show:

Bria Kelly of Team Usher turned “Rolling in the Deep” into more of an angsty, alternative-rock song with an Alanis Morissette twist. It was ... interesting.

Delvin Choice of Team Adam took on “Unchained Melody” in his typically robust, emotive and polished fashion, making a gospel sound feel current.

Dani Moz of Team Shakira belted out “Just Give Me a Reason”  and while she was alright, she was not particularly noteworthy and might be in trouble.

Audra McLaughlin of Team Blake sang “Angel of the Morning,” and despite her clear talent, she was not equally strong through the entire performance.

T.J. Wilkins of Team Usher channeled John Mayer on “Waiting on the World to Change.” Probably not the best song choice for him to make a big splash.

Christina Grimmie of Team Adam rode Katy Perry's “Dark Horse.” If anything, she over-sang this one, which undermines her talent, which is considerable.

Sisaundra Lewis of Team Blake and her rendition of “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” sets the gold standard as always. Elegant yet understated. Powerful.

Kristen Merlin of Team Shakira sang “Stay,” by Rihanna, a song that fits her nicely. She even survived the mic cutting out without missing a beat!

Kat Perkins of Team Adam and her choice of “Magic Man” made for a difficult task. Tough song, and like Christina, she was over-singing at times.

Jake Worthington of Team Blake took on “I Don’t Love You Anymore,” blending charm and genuine warmth with a little bit of George Jones. Nice.

Tess Boyer of Team Shakira took on “I’ll Be There for You,” and she wasn't bad, but didn't propel herself into the upper echelon with this one. Not yet.

Josh Kaufman of Team Usher tried “Stay With Me,” and built up beautifully to the soaring conclusion. One of the more professional-sounding efforts.

Who do you think is in danger and who do you think has what it takes to advance to the Top 10 - and beyond? Share your comments on The Voice with us below!