The Perfect Specimen: Men and Women Clash on Ideal Body Types

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What do you get when you take Kim Kardashian’s boobs and combine them with Scarlett Johansson’s hair and Megan Fox’s face?

According to men... you get the perfect woman.

According to women, however, you get someone with overly large breasts and a face that doesn't look enough like that of Cara Delevingne.

Indeed, a fascinating new study reveals that the two genders have a very different idea of what is most appealing about them.

As the following illustration depicts, women think men want them to be on the slim side, while a composite of the ideal female form proves that men have no problem with some junk in the trunk - and in other places as well.

The Perfect Woman?

What about when roles are reversed?

We've gotta resemble Brad Pitt and/or David Beckham, most men assume. Clean cut, bulky, oozing with muscle.

In reality, though, women are after someone who could easily pass as an extra on Teen Wolf or The Vampire Diaries: a hairy dude with less muscle mass, but, yes, still some of David Beckham on him:

The Perfect Man?

What do you think of these results? Sort of interesting, no?

With so many men hitting the bench press and so many women starving themselves, perhaps both sides would be better served if they actually took note of what the other ones finds attractive.

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