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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have been dating for nearly three years now, so it’s safe to say, playing a young couple in love doesn’t present much of a challenge to the charming twosome.

Andrew and Emma displayed serious chemistry in 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man and their off-screen romance has continued to blossom since.

Reprising their roles as Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, Garfield and Stone recently wrapped filming a mega-budget Spidey sequel and now they’re circling the globe and lighting up red carpets at premiere events. First stop: London.

Emma’s “nude selfies” (that are probably fake) may have gotten tons of attention online lately, but we think the actress looks her best when she’s classed-up and glammed-out, and her beau certainly knows how to rock a slim-fit suit.

So we’re glad that Emma was able to stop crying over the Spice Girls long enough to show up and plug her new film, which is already receiving rave reviews at advance screenings.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 also stars Jamie Foxx, Denis Leary and Paul Giamatti. The highly-anticipated film hits US theaters on May 2.

Check out the gallery above to see Andrew and Emma at their red carpet finest. These two are giving Brad and Angie a run for their money as Hollywood’s most enviable couple.