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Apparently things are getting so rough for Selena Gomez these days that friends worry about her “toxic” addictions and want to stage an intervention ASAP.

Her drug of choice? Justin Bieber, obviously.

The couple just can’t stay away from each other, even if they’d be better off apart, and Selena’s friends are growing increasingly worried about her lately.

Given his track record, one can see why.

“Their relationship is as toxic as possible,” says one Jelena insider. “They love each other, then they hate each other, then Justin hooks up with other girls.”

Sounds about right. Another Gomez friend adds:

“They’ve talked about staging an intervention to get her away from him but [worry] it would only push her closer to him. Until he screws up again there’s not much anyone can do.”

Fortunately, that should be what, any day now?

In any case, it sounds like someone needs to kick this habit and in desperate need of relationship rehab … which she tried before, off course, and it didn’t take.

Selena Gomez’s rehab trip last year was reportedly due to the star’s Ambien, pot, and alcohol use, but insiders say it was really to get herself off the Bieber.

She left before her treatment was completed.

Clearly she’s back to this familiar pattern. Soon after exiting treatment, the pair were spotted at Starbucks, then taking Segway rides together like old times.

Then there were some cute Instagram pics. Then they were seen grinding in a dance studio (above). All this after Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami no less.

Speaking of Miami, they were spotted together again this week, with a possibly-drunk rendezvous at the Hit Factory, where he was mentoring a singer.

Where is this headed? Does anyone know for sure?

All we can say is that there’s likely little her friends can do, as someone who refuses to disentangle herself from a bad relationship needs to do it alone.

What good would an intervention do at this point?

When it comes to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, you just have to sit back and let it run its course, while hoping she comes to her senses ASAP.

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