Scandal Season 3 Episode 17 Recap: Defiance (Again)

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Scandal season 3 might have gotten a shortened order because of Kerry Washington's pregnancy, but as it turns out, that's been a very, very good thing. It's forced the show to step up its game in the storytelling department and things are getting absolutely insane over there in the fake D.C.

Last night's episode, Scandal Season 3 Episode 17, saw Oliva Pope and her team racing against the clock to find a group of terrorists before they detonate a bomb which will blow up the President. To find the terrorists, they need to find Maya Pope.

But Maya Pope, because she's the wiliest villain in primetime right now, got to them first. The results were potentially deadly.

The night began with Jake confronting Olivia about the dismantling of B613. President Grant appeared and wanted to know what the plan was to fix things, telling Olivia she'd made a huge mistake. Despite the fact that Fitz sided with Jake in the Olivia-screwed-up argument, Jake decided to go ahead and reveal to the President just how she managed to take down the super secret super spy society.

By sleeping with Jake, of course.

Fitz played the role of jealous lover (because that's what Fitz does) and called in Olivia's dad to clean up her mess. Rowan Pope showed up at OPA and demanded that Jake leave or he would walk. Olivia did what her daddy said and sent Jake packing.

While the team wanted to find Maya Pope to track down the bomb and stop it from going off, Papa Pope wanted to find Maya's lover, Dominic Bell, so that he could kill the man who ruined his life. Which he did, in cold blood, leaving Olivia's people to clean up his mess.

Huck, Quinn, and Charlie were the comedy of the episode by constantly bickering over the best way to be a spy. While Huck and Charlie argued, Quinn got things done. Good girl, Quinn!

Then she and Huck worked out their issues on the hood of a car in a parking garage as Maya Pope sauntered her way into Olivia's office and stabbed her husband, leaving him to bleed out on the floor. Or she shot him? It's really sort of unclear just how that went down.

In the White House, Mellie was on the verge of an alcohol-induced meltdown and let it slip to Olivia that Jerry Jr. might not be Fitz' child, indicating that the teen might be Fitz' brother. She planned to use the information not to free herself from the secret and uncertainty she's been carrying but to hurt her husband for taking away her lover.

Fitz was quarantined at the White House due to the bomb circulating no one knew where but eventually decided that he had to get to Defiance, Ohio to finish up the campaign and win the swing states. Olivia flew out to serve as his protection knowing that Maya Pope wouldn't blow her up and then found out that the bomb wasn't there at all.

It was at the funeral for a Senator who died a day or two before. A funeral which Sally Langston and Andrew Nichols were set to attend.

So Cyrus Beene, instead of calling to evacuate the church, put the phone back on the receiver and skipped his way down the White House halls.

If only to see the last few seconds, you need to watch Scandal online to revel in the delicious evil that is Cyrus Beene. And also to form an opinion about this new HuckleberryQuinn direction. It's...bizarrely hot.

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