RZA on Andre Johnson: I Wish Him The Best, But I Want Nothing to Do With Him!

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Wu Tang Clan founder RZA was stopped by TMZ cameras in Manhattan yesterday.

When asked about Andre Johnson - the rapper who cut off his penis during a suicide attempt - RZA clearly became anxious to end the conversation. 

To his credit, RZA was polite when the topic first came up. He stated that he had been in contact with Johnson's family and wished only the best for the ailing MC. 

When TMZ asked if he had any plans to work with Johnson in the future, however, RZA could hardly contain his laughter. 

"Nah!" the rapper replied when asked if he would still be affiliated with Johnson. He then added for the sake of the cameras, "It's hard to predict what might happen in the future."

So basically, RZA feels bad for the guy, but doesn't plan to feature him on any tracks in the near future.

It seems genital self-mutilation isn't the career-booster it's cracked up to be.

When news first broke of Johnson's suicide attempt, he was described in the media as a rapper who had worked closely with RZA's legendary hip hop crew.

Shortly later, however, Wu Tang denied any affiliation with Johnson, stating - as RZA did again today - that their thoughts and prayers go out to his family, but they won't be rapping with dude any time soon.