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Rumors about Laura Prepon dating Tom Cruise date back to November of last year, but fizzled out after months went by with no confirmation. Now it seems the two have been hooking up on the down-low all along.

The New York Post reports that Prepon and Cruise have been “secretly dating” ever since they first met nearly six months ago.

The newspaper is quick to point out that reps for both actors have denied the romance and Cruise’s publicist claims “They see each other at functions, but they are not dating.”

Tom Cruise in 2015
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That hasn’t stopped rumors from circulating on the set of the Netflix series Orange is the New Black.

Prepon starred as a lesbian drug dealer in the hit show’s first season, but abruptly announced her departure following the series premiere.

Sources close to the show have speculated that Prepon quit suddenly as a result of her relationship with Cruise, as her character’s loose morals didn’t mesh with the couple’s Scientologist beliefs.


Naturally, Prepon denies these rumors, but given the secretive nature of the Church of Scientolog,y she’d be unlikely to ever admit that her faith played a role in her decision.

Prepon’s departure raised eyebrows, as her career had been in decline for years before her high-profile role on OITNB and her announcement coincided with rumors that she was dating Cruise.

Prepon has stated that she will make a cameo in the show’s second season in order to wrap up her character’s storyline.

Be sure to check out the Orange is the New Black Season 2 trailer and note that Prepon appears only briefly at the end of the clip.