Kenya Moore to Drop Charges Against Porsha Williams ... on One Condition

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Relations have thawed (sort of) between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams following The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion fight we saw last night.

Following the duo's epic melee, Kenya called 911 and had Porsha investigated, with Atlanta police booking her on misdemeanor battery charges last week.

It's obviously much ado about nothing, and according to reports, Kenya may be willing to drop the charges now that the dust has settled ... on one condition:

"Kenya just might ask the charges be dropped," an insider said, if Kenya gets an apology from Porsha, and if she vows to take responsibility for her actions.

“[Only] if Porsha publicly came out and apologized to Kenya and genuinely said she’s sorry and meant it and said how she was wrong for putting her hands on Kenya."

“She wants Porsha to know that what she did was extremely unladylike and foul and pledge in public that she will never do such a thing again."

Don't hold your breath. If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you know the tensions were building up to this smackdown all season.

There's also no way that this excuse for a right constitutes an assault charge that sticks. Porsha will get fined and do community service at worst.

Kenya's best hope of getting an apology might stem from the fact that Porsha Williams may be fired by Bravo and really, really wants to keep her job.

If she's nervous about being cut from the franchise and sees a public mea culpa as a means of mending fences with producers, she might go for it.

“If she had to do it all over again she’d fight Kenya with her words," says a Williams source. "She’s keeping a low profile for now and hoping for the best.”

Team Kenya claims she just wants Porsha to know that her actions reflect badly for the hit show, though it's unclear if that's even true. Think of the PR!

Does anyone watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta and not hope for drama like this? Sure, it's insane that grown women act like this ... but RATINGS!

Still, “Kenya feels that what Porsha did was way south of the border," says a Moore source. "It casts the entire franchise and black women in such a negative light."

Moore, of course, was the epitome of class, ridiculing Porsha's intelligence and marriage with the use of a scepter and bullhorn as props, no less.

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