Kathy Griffin Reveals Death Threats From Demi Lovato Fans

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The feud between Kathy Griffin and Demi Lovato started last month when the comedian referred to the young singer as the "douchiest" celebrity she'd ever met. 

Things rapidly escalated from there and Demi even had to apologize for death threats that some of her hardcore fans directed at Griffin via Twitter. 

Never one to back down from a fight (even when the other person has issued a formal apology), Griffin read off a list of vicious tweets from "Lovatics" on Howard Stern's radio show.

"I will burn your house down," read one of the tamer tweets.

At the beginning, Stern and Griffin were still laughing at the situation. Things got more serious, though, as the anti-Kathy tweets became more vile. 

"I will come to your house and rape you #LovaticsWantYouDead," read one particularly insane tweet. "Us Lovatics will kill you in your sleep," said another.  

Griffin read several more tweets with disgusting sentiments such as, "I hope you get cancer," which is just not a cool thing to say to anyone, obviously.

Asked if she'd contacted police about these very clear death threats, Griffin responded that the police actually contacted her as they monitor Twitter for such activity.

It's unclear whether Griffin shared this for a laugh, or to shame publicly Demi. One thing's for sure, though, the comedian won't be letting up on Demi anytime soon:

"It doesn't mean she's out of the act," Griffin said. "Allegedly, some photos of [Demi Lovato naked] have been leaked and that's sort of funny... there's no death threats coming from me, ever."

"Whatever I say about a celebrity, 'douchey' is about as bad as it gets."

Speaking of those aforementioned, sort of funny pics ... see below:

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