Kaley Cuoco: Topless on Instagram?

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Kaley Cuoco loves attention and she loves sharing photos on Instagram, so we guess this was bound to happen.

First Kaley chopped off her hair and asked for fan reactions, now she's giving the people what they really want: possible nudity!

Kaley Cuoco Topless Photo

Yes, that's a bare-shouldered Kaley wrapped in nothing but a towel and hanging out with her husband poolside.

Sure, there's nothing too revealing about the pic, but it seems that Kaley is trying to tell us that things are gonna get freaky as soon as she (finally) puts the camera away.

Kaley Cuoco's breast implants are her proudest achievement, so it seems strange that she'd bother to cover them up here, but maybe now that she's married she'll only go full frontal for her husband.

Or when her career starts to tank. 

Kaley's shortlived relationship with Henry Cavill has catapulted her to stardom in a way her acting never did and she's clearly loving the spotlight.

We'd guess she'll be agreeing to a Playboy spread within about six months of The Big Bang Theory going off the air.

In the meantime, check out Kaley at her hottest and most semi-clothed in the gallery below.

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