Johnny Weir to Victor Voronov: No Mutual Masturbation!

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Olympic figure skater and commentator Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov have called off their divorce. But in doing so, each laid out a set of guidelines for keeping their marriage together.

Johnny Weir's sticking point? No mutual masturbation, Victor!

It seems Victor Voronov was a fan of taking care of his own business in the company of others while they also did the same. That's... certainly not the sort of thing you hear every day.

Johnny Weir, Husband

Weir's 5-page post-nup came to light after TMZ learned that Voronov requested that Weir sign a document apologizing for publicly trashing his spouse.

Voronov also promised to leave Johnny's mama out of it.

Seems reasonable enough, right? Wrong. Apparently.

Weir's document, which requested that Voronov not masturbate with other men also included a list of other things Voronov isn't allowed to do anymore.

  • sex outside the marriage
  • oral sex outside the marriage
  • kissing or making out
  • sexting
  • aggressive flirting
  • mutual masturbation
  • social media/grindr/dating

The document also states that each will submit to STD testing every 6 months and read the results while both are present and that neither is allowed to be in close proximity to certain exes.

Johnny provided an example of a figure skater he once dated whose name was withheld from this report.

Additionally, Johnny outlined how they'll split assets in the event they go through with a divorce and gave Voronov the ultimatum that he's no longer allowed to issue ultimatums.

Just what was Voronov up to while Weir was walking a pretend runway in Sochi?

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