Janice Griffith Talks: Will She Sue Dan Bilzerian?

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Dan Bilzerian may need to break out his checkbook.

A day after footage hit the Internet of this moronic, millionaire poker player THROWING A PORN STAR OFF HIS ROOF, the porn star in question has spoken out.

And it sure sounds like she has plans to sue.

In a Skype conversation with TMZ, Janice Griffith dances around many particulars of the incident, likely because an attorney has advised against her revealing too much at this juncture.

But she does note that:

  1. She was not drinking at the time of the incident.
  2. That she only just met Bilzerian on the day it happened.
  3. That she has already missed a handful of work days as a result of breaking her foot.

We're guessing we know how Griffith thinks Bilzerian could make it up to her.

Watch her interview with TMZ now:

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