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How I Met Your Mother fans are not happy.

Actually, correction: How I Met Your Mother are seething.

Last night’s series finale of this long-running sitcom made a mockery of the spirit behind its title, while fast forwarding many years and destroying multiple relationships in a matter of minutes.

Go watch How I Met Your mother online via TV Fanatic if you missed it and scroll down for a sampling the sort of vitriol that permeated the Twitterverse not long after the final credits rolled…

@SwiftlyTatum: I mean the show is called “How I Met Your Mother” not “How I Went Back To Your Aunt Robin 20 Times” #HIMYMFinale.


@kimscorcher: Seriously though, if you like How I Met Your Mother, skip the #himymfinale. Rushed, disrespectful, & undermines the last season & then some.

@joshfjelstad: Let us never speak about How I Met Your Mother again.

@aSabbyCat: I have never been more disappointed with any series finale than “How I Met Your Mother.” I’ve also never felt more like rioting.

@DanLevyThinks: Kids, let me tell you a story about how I met your mother, and then I’m going to ruin that story for everyone.

@Gentle_atheist: How I met your mother’s ending turned into “How I met your mother, but preferred your aunt Robin.”

What do YOU think? Were these folks too harsh on the finale? Grade it now: