Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2: Who Died?!?

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Winter is coming.

So Game of Thrones has been warning fans for years.

But, really, the HBO drama should have come with a slightly different tagline: Wedding are coming

Joffrey on His Wedding Day

With viewers still recovering from last year's shocking attacks on Robb Stark, his pregnant wife and his mother last year, we were treated to another wedding ceremony this week on Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2.

With more deadly consequences:


Indeed, despite numerous characters throughout the Seven Kingdoms looking to defeat the boy king in battle and take his throne, Joffrey was felled in to the end at his own wedding reception.

By a poisoned glass of wine.

Tyrion was arrested for the murder, but come on. We all know he wasn't behind the shocking kill.

The possible culprits, in order of least to most likely, include:

  • Olenna Tyrell: She was largely behind the wedding planning and she clearly has some Tywin Lannister in here, don't you think?
  • Prince Oberyn: He's almost too obvious, but he clearly is no fan of the Lannisters.
  • Dontos/Sansa: Did the former plot this murder without the latter's knowledge? Were they in it together in order to get Sansa away and, of course, avenge all the wrongs Joffrey has inflicted on her family?

Shows often say that big episodes are a game-changer. But, for real, this was a Game of Thrones-changer.

THE KING IS DEAD, people! How will Westeros react? What will happen to Tyrion? And just how fat will those dogs get on the abundance of leftovers?!?

Sound off now: Are you said King Joffrey has been killed off?

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