Game of Thrones: Purple Wedding Dress In Demand For Real World Brides

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Weddings in the land of Westeros tend to end badly, so dress designers were probably a bit surprised when brides-to-be across the globe began requesting Game of Thrones-inspired bridal gowns.

Natalie Dormer's topless photos may have caught the attention of male GoT fans, but it was it the rose-and-thorn adorned wedding dress that Natalie wore during Margaery Tyrell's wedding to Prince Joffrey that's caught the attention of female viewers.

Yes, despite its unique cut and color, the dress Dormer wore during the so-called "Purple Wedding" has become a fan favorite and is expected to appear in several GoT-themed ceremonies this upcoming wedding season.

The dress has made a star of the HBO series' costume designer Michele Clapton, who says the dress was inspired by the Tyrell family's rose sigil and the form-fitting cut of the grown represents Margaery's desire to break with tradition (and piss off Joffrey's mother, Cersei).

Spoiler alert (although we're of the opinion that if you're behind on the show, you should probably avoid Thrones-themed web news): King Joffrey gets killed at the Purple Wedding, the victim of a murder plot that's not resolved by the episode's end.

So hopefully women who felt inspired by the event won't take their homages any further than emulating Margaery's style.

If you missed the episode, you can watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic, or check out our gallery of King Joffrey's agaonizing final moments in the gallery below.

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