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Farrah Abraham may be the hardest working woman in show business. The reality star, porn star, singer, sex toy model, and bestselling author has done it all.

Now she can add erotic fiction to her career resume. Celebrity Sex Tape: In the Making, the first book in a three-part series, hits shelves this summer.

The author of a memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended, Farrah is now delving into erotica … loosely based on her own sexual and life experiences of course.

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Gossip, Abraham teases many aspects of the buzzed-about book that reportedly has Vivid sweating bullets.

She also revealed how she gets turned on penning hot scenes, the social commentaries within her work and her biggest regret about her own celebrity sex tape.

Read our Q&A with Farrah Abraham below and scroll through our gallery of exclusive pics from her cover shoot with Ellora’s Cave Publishing as well!

The Hollywood Gossip: First, the obvious question: Erotic novels? Really? Were you approached by the publisher or was this something you took the initiative with?

Farrah Abraham: I starting writing on my own, and then I was fortunate enough to find the perfect publisher, Ellora’s Cave. They call themselves “the Bad Girls” of romance. I’m so glad we found each other.

THG: The trilogy is loosely based on your life and sex tape. What similarities can we expect and what things did you embellish or fictionalize for the story?

Farrah: This is primarily a fictional story. Fallon Opal, the main character, is much different then I am. She’s a celebrity, but she works on scripted entertainment while I started off in reality television. She also does not have a child. Fallon experiences life in her own way, but still she is very relatable on how she deals with sexuality and life. I think most young women will relate to her like I do. That being said, the journey Fallon takes is mostly from my wild imagination, which is sometimes inspired by my own personal experience and those of my friends.

THG: You’ve said your sex tape “ruined” your life and made some alarming allegations about things that happened to you as a result of it. Does it feel at all strange to be capitalizing on its enormous success?

Farrah: It was really difficult for me to go through the events of the past year. Writing book one in this series was one way for me to deal with my feelings and come to terms with what happened. It is something I would never have thought I would experience and alarming to say the least, but writing is almost like therapy for me and I’m in a great place right now.

THG: Will the book serve as a social commentary on any topics such as the porn industry or the celebrity-obsessed culture we live in? Or will it just be a fun (hot!) read?

Farrah: Yes and yes! Fallon’s story is inspired by my story, so the things I’ve gone through and come across make their way into the book. It does address social topics like the porn industry, our celebrity obsessed culture, and entertainment at large. But at its core it’s a hot and heavy to read.

THG: Are the second and third installments of Celebrity Sex Tape already outlined? Do you have an idea of where the story is going over the course of the trilogy?

Farrah: The whole plot is already conceived and we’re working on writing and editing the second and third installments right now. I am very proud of how it will end (as well as how it starts in book one). I think the characters are amazing, and I really hope my readers agree. But I can’t give too much away!!

THG: Do you do any “research” to get in the mood for writing such steamy material? Physically, over the Internet, etc.?

Farrah: There is no research I need to do other than looking up a term or running something by my girlfriends. A lot of the writing comes naturally because I try to keep as true as possible to real life… I will say it’s hard to keep focus when some scenes get really hot and heavy. But that’s half of the fun. I can only imagine what my readers will say. Hopefully they will be as pleased as I was writing it.

THG: How has being involved with one of the highest-profile sex tapes ever impacted your dating life?

Farrah: As many fans saw on Couples Therapy, my dating life had been going toward a negative direction for a while. Since therapy, I have been much better but not really focusing on dating. I learned that waiting for the right guy takes sometime. I’m just trying to focus on my daughter and my career.

THG: You’ve heard it all from fans, haters, even other Teen Mom stars. How much attention to you pay to what people are saying on blogs, social media, TV, etc.?

Farrah: I don’t pay attention to lies and negativity. The positivity, love, and good feedback I get from my family, friends, and fans is all I want to focus on right now.

THG: Some people like you, some people might not, but no one can deny you’re working hard for your daughter and your career. What career decision are you most proud of?

Farrah: I’m most proud of taking part in 16 & Pregnant when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was thinking about her future before she was even born.

THG: Which decision do you regret most so far in your career?

Farrah: I try not to live with regrets and I try to learn from my mistakes. But if I had to choose… making a sex tape with someone who is in porn and didn’t really have my best interests in mind. Ladies, please learn from my mistakes and be careful who you trust!!!

THG: Tell us something we don’t know about you and that we might be surprised to know.

Farrah: Most people are surprised that most of the time I am just a “regular” mom. I spend my time playing with Sophia and getting her to and from school. A lot of people think they know a lot from TV and news, and what makes it on there is such a small part of my life. That’s one of the things I try to tackle in Celebrity Sex Tape.