Farrah Abraham: "Blowin'" Off Royalty Payments to Adam Barta!

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Farrah Abraham's music career is "Blowin'" up ... and thanks to the fact that she allegedly stiffed the guy who helped bolster it, the blowback has begun.

Writer/producer Adam Barta claims he had a deal to share credit and profits from the Farrah Abraham "Blowin'" video ... only she screwed him over hard.

Not like she did James Deen, either. Figuratively.

Farrah released the song by herself out of nowhere, he claims - and the record bears him out in that regard - and is hoarding the profits from "Blowin'".

We know ... there are profits from that thing?!

Adam, who also collaborated with Nadya Suleman (on her music video for "Sexy Party," not the Octomom porn), does not appreciate being lied to.

Apparently he's never met Farrah Abraham.

In any case, he fired off a legal letter, threatening a lawsuit if she doesn't cough up a third of the proceeds from their work immediately if not sooner.

We can't imagine that amount will even cover the fees a lawyer will bill him for having a paralegal type up a form letter ... but we wish him luck there.

In unrelated news, Farrah is an erotic novel author now. Hopefully whoever publishes her Celebrity Sex Tape trilogy has the checks sent to them, not her.

Also, hopefully they hire a good ghostwriter ASAP. Because wow. If the literary prose this celebURty cranks out are anything like her song lyrics ...

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