Daughter Reacts to Parents' Baby News: I Can't Thank You Enough!

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A father and a mother gave their two kids the best Easter present ever last week.

In the following video, we see a little girl and young boy open up a fake egg and see what we presume to be their mother's Ultrasound picture inside.

They don't put it together right away, but once the daughter learns she's gonna have a baby brother or sister, she shrieks in delights... hugs her mom tightly... and then adorably tells her parents she "can't thank them enough" for procreating again.

The boy, meanwhile? Eh, he could take this news or leave it. But, hey, at least he isn't screaming in anger:

In a similarly awesome video we posted last month, an 11-year old cried tears of joy upon learning he'll be an older sibling.

Click through below for a look at a handful of other memorable responses to unexpected news:

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