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Another day, another name added to the long list of women Chris Martin slept with during his marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Multiple sources close to Saturday Night Live have confirmed to the New York Post that Martin had an affair with a young woman who worked for the show beginning in 2011.

Martin and the anonymous woman met after his band performed on SNL.

“Everyone was talking about it because he was openly flirting with her at one of the show after-parties,” said one insider.

This, of course, was several years before Chris and Gwyneth began their “conscious uncoupling” and serves as an indication of just how long these two have been sleeping around on each other.

Gwyneth has been accused of carrying on affairs with several different men during her marriage to Martin, including billionaire Jeff Soffer and actor Donovan Leitch. 


Chris was no slouch in the infidelity department himself, and it’s believed that Martin’s affair with Alexa Chung was the nail in the coffin for his marriage to Gwyneth. 

Martin and Paltrow are reportedly still living together as part of their effort to split on friendly terms, though other reports indicate that Martin has begun spending his nights at Chung’s LA home.