True Detective Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Let There Be Light

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There may be many True Detective fans out there who were disappointed by the Season 1 finale.

There was no major twist, no shocking conclusion about the identity of The Yellow King or the meaning behind Carcosa.

Instead, there was simply a very straightforward installment that featured Rust and Marty finding their killer; tracking him down; and killing him.

Both detective survived and, heck, there was even a happy ending of sorts, with Rust looking up at the night sky and agreeing with Marty that, yes, it's dark up there. But it was once ALL dark... so now? "Light is winning."

True Detective Finale Pic

Sort of like Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey received deserved accolade after deserved accolade for their roles on this HBO drama.

It was never clear why many viewers chose to dissect this series like Lost, thinking there were supernatural forces at work or some totally unforeseen swerve in the plot to come.

True Detective Season 1 was essentially a buddy cop story, with two very messed up cops at the center of it.

It was a chance for two actors to shine under the direction of one man and the writing of one man, occurrences that never take place on television.

We were left on a journey that spanned three different time periods (and many carved-up beer cans), yet somehow kept its eye on the serial-killing ball while revealing layer after layer about its two leads. 

The pacing was terrific, the dialogue unique and the acting simply brilliant.

The finale was consistent with the previous seven episodes and it's the truly great television show that doesn't need to fool its audience with any kind of season-concluding twist. True Detective was confident in its storytelling to know it didn't need anything else.

“We didn’t get ‘em all,” Rust lamented to Marty toward the end.

“That ain’t what kind of world it is,” he replied.  “But we got ours.”

Great stuff. We know it isn't happening, and we're excited to see who does land the roles, but let the Harrelson-McConaughey campaign for True Detective Season 2 start now!

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