The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 15 Recap: Who Died?!

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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 15 saw the Jeffrey Grant case reach critical mass, with the defendant hoping for an acquittal based on DNA evidence.

Will met with Kalinda to try to keep her from quitting, an idea she's mulling but he scoffs at, telling her that they're too much alike and are in this for life.

As Alicia submits to a deposition regarding the voter fraud case against Peter and picks Cary to represent her, Kalinda worries that Jeffrey Grant is guilty.

Then a bombshell is dropped that you simply wouldn't believe.

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The shocking event promised at the end of The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 15 was certainly that, and puts a lot of other plot points into perspective.

Will Gardner's death serves as a reminder of many things.

Not just events that played out on The Good Wife, although it will surely make every character reexamine a whole host of those in the coming weeks.

It's about what's really important in life, as human beings.

The rat race, the daily grind, working ourselves into the ground for others. None of it meant a lot to Will after the Jeffrey Grant case literally got him killed.

He may or may not have been guilty, but Will simply thought he was doing what was best for the client, while Jeffrey hauntingly had other ideas.

No one could have foreseen this, or stopped it in time.

Visually, it was a chilling moment. Kalinda first saw Will's shoe, clueing us in to the tragedy; Jeffrey was out of bullets before he could do himself in.

We saw Will lying with his head in his friend's lap, bleeding out, unable to speak but no doubt with his mind racing as he thought back on recent events.

Fittingly, Eli took the call about this stunning tragedy.

Eli was as big a part of the affair between Will and Alicia as they were, and had he not erased a voicemail from Will, their lives might have changed forever.

All that can never be undone now, though, as we see him reading to relay the fact that Will died. Before the screen faded to black, Alicia says hello.

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