Taco Bell Breakfast Menu: Endorsed By Ronald McDonald!

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Even Ronald McDonald digs the Taco Bell breakfast menu. Or at least 25 guys whose real names just happen to be Ronald McDonald are loving it.

Said guys are featured in a new ad that extols, at the expense of McDonald's, the Mexican fast-food chain's new breakfast program, which starts Thursday.

The ad begins with a narrator offering: "To show you just how much people are loving Taco Bell's all new breakfast, we asked some very special people."

Next, a handful of folks introduce themselves one-by-one, as Ronald McDonald. Each, of course, is a big fan of the new Taco Bell breakfast menu.

The ad ends with the group of 25 Rons seated together all saying unison: "My name is Ronald McDonald, and I love Taco Bell's new breakfast."

The ad, created by the agency Deutsch L.A., ends with the narrator stating the tagline: "Breakfast anybody can love ... even Ronald McDonald."

While the great ad has a big smile factor, there's nothing funny about the on-going fast food wars, with the Bell going hard after McDonald's market share.

"Customers have asked us to do breakfast because there's a sea of sameness in breakfast sandwiches," says Brian Niccol, president of Taco Bell.

Taco Bell's three key breakfast offerings:

  1. The Waffle Taco (waffle wrapped around sausage patty or bacon w/ eggs, cheese and syrup)
  2. A.M. Crunchwrap (scrambled eggs, hash browns, cheese and bacon or sausage in a tortilla)
  3. Cinnabon Delights (poppable Cinnabon treats)

The entire breakfast menu has 14 items that cost from $1 to $2.49. Most Taco Bells will open for breakfast at 7 a.m. this morning, or even earlier.

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