Waffle Taco: Coming to Taco Bell!

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Taco Bell is testing out a new breakfast waffle taco at three Southern California locations as part of the fast food chain's increased breakfast service.

A staff member mole at a Santa Ana, Calif., location confirmed that the waffle "taco" is lightly fried, stuffed with scrambled egg and a sausage patty.

Folded over and served with maple syrup, it costs a mere 89 cents.

RIP every other fast food restaurant?

Taco Bell Waffle Taco

The Bell already started selling breakfast last year in about 800 locations in 10 states. Eventually, it will be rolled out to all 6,000 locations nationwide.

The chain's early-morning recipes: Breakfast burritos, hash browns, and the A.M. Crunch Wrap, a grilled flour tortilla filled with eggs, bacon or sausage.

To drink, there are the usual suspects, coffee and orange juice, as well as the Mountain Dew A.M., a cup of Mountain Dew soda and OJ, mixed in-store.

Seriously. That's a menu item.

As for the waffle taco, the anonymous SoCal store staffer believes they could go national: "Yes, people are really liking them, we're selling a lot."

Of course, McDonald's has been doing breakfast for decades, while it's sort of Dunkin' Donuts' reason for being as well. Think Taco Bell can hang?

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