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Eat your heart out, Justin Bieber?

Or… come home soon, Justin Bieber?

Selena Gomez has posted a VERY racy new photo to Instagram, one that appears to depict the singer without any clothes on.

Selena Gomez Naked on Instagram?

The question, of course: Who is this for?!?


Is Gomez taunting her ex, Bieber? Or is she inviting him to come over, considering how often these two have been hanging out together and how close and cozy they’ve been?

In some case, VERY close and cozy.

Selena did not include a caption with the photo, leaving it open to this kind of interpretation.

So, what do you think? Hot stuff? Naughty stuff? Inappropriate stuff?

Ogle away, fellas, and then do the same for the following sizzling Selena shots:

Selena Gomez Naked on Instagram?