Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale: Did Ali Tell All?

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ABC Family has been teasing it for days. 

So, did Ali really tell all on the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 finale? Did the truth about A finally come out?

Not exactly. We did NOT discover who is behind that black mask.

But the following shocking twists and turns ought to enough to learn viewers counting down the days until Pretty Little Liars Season 5 kicked off in June...

  • Spencer did not harm Ali on the night of her disappearance. But someone did knock her out from behind with a rock, an incident witnessed by Mrs. DiLaurentis.
  • So Mrs. DiLaurentis proceeded to bury her daughter in the backyard, unaware she was actually alive. Eek!
  • Melissa Hastings killed the girl buried in Ali's grave.
  • Mona was on it the entire time. She found a (very dirty) Ali wandering around on the infamous night and concocted a plan to "kill" her off in order to unmask A.
  • In an effort to protect the girls after their confrontation with the unknown assailant. EZRA GOT SHOT. We cut to black with him in the arms of a crying Aria.

Is Ezra really dead? Who has Mrs. DiLaurentis been protecting? Jason? Can you believe Mona was behind Ali's non-death since the beginning?

So many shocks to ponder, so many weeks to wait until PLL returns. (Dang it!)

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