Phaedra Parks-Angela Stanton Lesbian Love Tryst: Alleged By Justin Cody!

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Phaedra Parks is suing former friend Angela Stanton over the latter's claims that the former helped run a check fraud scam ... but is there more to it than that?

According to one of Stanton’s exes, he broke up with Stanton in part because he believed that she was The Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s ”girlfriend!”

“I actually thought that Angela and Phaedra had an - I thought they were together,” Stanton’s ex-boyfriend Justin Cody said in a statement under oath.

Asked by an attorney, “Like, as a girlfriend?” To which Cody replied, “Girlfriend.”

“That was one of the reasons me and Angela broke up,” he continued in his sworn testimony. “Because they was like real close, like closer than close.”

“Can you think of what made you come to that conclusion?” the lawyer asked.

“Phaedra’s birthday is in March or sometime early in the year,” Cody said.

“I remember one time Angela and Phaedra, they spent the night out during Phaedra’s birthday and Angela spent the night at her house and they went on all these parties."

"Wild parties ... she didn’t come home for like a couple of days.”

“I’m like, what y’all got going on? And so we got into an argument about that and about then it turned into an altercation and that was like one of our first breakups.”

Dude really thinks that he was dealing with a full-on secret couple here.

“Her and Phaedra was so close that, you know, I actually thought they was together,” he went on to explain. “They kiss each other and hug each other."

Parks later married Apollo Nida ... with whom she also has a host of issues.

They are living separate lives since his arrest for identity theft and fraud.

In her book, Lies of a Real Housewife, Stanton described an alleged display of S&M toys in “freaky” Parks’ bedroom; Phaedra is suing for defamation.

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