Liz Dickson Sues Playboy After Having Golf Ball Teed Up on Ass, Getting DRILLED [VIDEO]

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Ready for the dumbest story of all time, or at least top 10?

Model Liz Dickson recently agreed to have a golf ball teed up on her ass at a Playboy golf tournament, and to have a comedian attempt to drive the thing.

She was asked to lie on her stomach with a tee between her butt cheeks, while comedian Kevin Klein took a golf swing. He missed ... in the worst way:

He gave Dickson a massive welt, which she's suing for $500K over.

Liz Dickson's attorney says she damaged her hip ligaments and nerves as a result of the accident, and that she never agreed for Klein to take a whack.

She claims she agreed to a photo op posing like this, but that's it.

Audio from the infamous day tells a different story, however.

According to TMZ, Klein asks, "Would you allow me to place a golf ball on a tee in your butt and attempt to tee off a shot right now down this first fairway?"

Liz responds, "Maybe," then says, "What did I get myself into?"

Moments later, she lays down on her stomach and allows a member of Klein's team to place a tee in her butt, and seems to be 100 percent in on the stunt.

Eventually, Klein takes a big swing and just DRILLS HER.

She's clearly not pleased, as you can see in the video above, as it hurts like crazy ... but she doesn't get mad at Kevin for a swing in the first place.

Guy's no Tiger Woods ... but she knew it was coming.