"Lick This" App: Practice Oral Sex By Tonguing Your Phone (Seriously)!

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Ladies, there's a new app you might just want to put on your man's phone.

It's called "Lick This" and the tag line is "A web app that trains your tongue. Practice makes pleasure." Oh my.

Lick This App

 It was created by a San Francisco team who call themselves Club Sexy Time and they might be joking:

"Do we think you'll be a better lover because of it? No," says co-creator Chris Allick.

"Do we think it's an interesting approach to human computer interaction and making people think about their sexuality and maybe start a conversation? Totes."


The exercises include flipping a light switch and turning a gear, with promises of more to come.

Of course, the very IDEA of licking something as gross as a phone screen might ruin the mood.

The app's creators suggest covering your screen with plastic wrap to avoid germs. Always practice safe sex, even if it's just between you and an iPhone.

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