Levi Johnston to Bristol Palin: You Hijacked Our Kid!!

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Levi Johnston is sick of Bristol Palin (remember when they were a thing/!) and the fact that she absconded with their kid, moving him from Alaska to Arizona.

Hilariously, he wants her held in contempt of court as a result.

Levi just filed legal documents asking a judge order Bristol Palin, who's currently going to school in Arizona, to return their son Tripp to Alaska immediately.

He says all he got was a text saying she was moving out of state.

In their custody battle, Levi Johnson claims both were ordered to keep Tripp, now five years old, in their home state unless they both agreed he could travel.

Palin sources roll their eyes, claiming Levi's just starting drama.

Johnston dated Palin in high school, then they pretended to get engaged when he got her pregnant and her mom was named the GOP's V.P. candidate.

They split up shortly after the 2008 presidential election.

In the ensuing years, they frequently sparred over their son and battled to see which one of them could milk their 15 minutes of fame more shamelessly.

All the while, Tripp has lived predominantly with Bristol.

For her part, she called Levi out last year for not paying child support, and he's known forever that Sarah Palin's daughter is going to school in Arizona.

Also, Levi, who married Sunny Oglesby and has another kid (Breeze Beretta), rarely sees Tripp anyway, so him complaining about this is just ridiculous.

Not as ridiculousness as these pics ... but pretty darn close:

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