Lady Gaga Bleaches Eyebrows, Loves Attention

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As part of her ongoing effort to get every set of eyes in the world looking at her, Lady Gaga posted an intimate and unusual selfie to Twitter last night.

Lady Gaga: Eyebrow Bleach Photo

"Just finished a long day of rehearsals. Feels so good to sweat!!! Off to bed," the singer tweeted along with the above close-up photo.

At first, it's hard to tell what's different about her, but look closely and you'll realize: Gaga has no eyebrows!

Okay, she technically still has brows, but she's bleached them so that they're basically the same color as her skin, and like everything the Mother Monster does, it looks weird.

No word on why she thought this was a good idea or if she's planning to keep the unusual dye job, but it's just the latest in a long series of bizarre fashion statements from Gaga.

(Check out her video for "G.U.Y." as a reminder of how strange this Lady can get.)

We're not repulsed by this new look, but we think Gaga could stand to learn a lesson from Bart Simpson: hair the same color as your flesh doesn't work for everyone.

Check out the slideshow below to re-live some of Gaga's strangest moments!

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