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A day after singing a duet with Billy Joel, Jimmy Fallon treated viewers to another magical music moment last night.

Kevin Bacon went back in time about 30 years and made like Ren McCormack once again, responding to Fallon’s joke about dancing being “outlawed” on The Tonight Show by cutting Footloose.


"Dancing is illegal?" Bacon said in his dressing room. "Jump back. This is The Tonight Show. There has to be dancing."

From there, The Following star recreated his iconic warehouse dancing scene; sweatshirt, maroon jacket, bow tie and all. It was awesome! Watch now:

Kevin Bacon Goes Footloose on The Tonight Show

"I hereby proclaim that dancing is now legal here on The Tonight Show, thanks to Kevin Bacon!" Fallon exclaimed afterward.



Here’s a look at some other memorably Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon moments: