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Justin Jedlica and his unyielding quest to become a real-life Ken doll got us thinking … this dude really, really needs to get together with Human Barbie.

Some see these two plastic surgery disasters. We see them as soul mates.

Human Ken Doll, Human Barbie

We’ve talked at length about Valeria Lukyanova, but her male counterpart Jedlica is equally relentless in his quest to become a real life human Ken doll.

Appearing on My Strange Addiction and later going on The Doctors, Jedlica revealed he’d had over 100 cosmetic procedures (with no plans to stop).

Now the 33-year-old has held true to his word and is up to a mind-blowing 145 procedures completed and a tab of more than $168,000, Radar reports.

All that’s left is to wed a beautiful plastic bride … who is starving herself and subsisting on air and light. Have we not made our case convincingly yet?


Among Justin’s newest bodily additions:

  1. Having his biceps replaced with larger implants
  2. Having implants put in each shoulder for larger deltoids … implants Jedlica designed himself, leading to his own plastic surgery consultation business

What a world we live in these days.

Despite the obvious criticism, Justin Jedlica says that since coming forward with his story, he wants to help other achieve their versions of personal beauty.

No matter the cost.

Since age 18, Jedlica has had five nose jobs, a cranial drown bone shape and augmentations to his cheeks, lips, buttocks and chin to achieve his startling look.

“Over the years I’ve received so many emails and letters asking for advice. I am thrilled to have formalized a way to help those looking for guidance,” he said.

Sounds awfully similar to the lovely Valeria Lukyanova. Honestly, someone set these two up and let them paw each other’s plastic bodies already …